PVC Patches

About PVC

Pricing Chart

Patch Specs


Min – 0.5”W X 0.5”H
Max – 15”W X 4”H


1.2mm - 2.4mm +/- 2mm


Minimum size of details and text: 0.6 mm (+/-0.2 mm)


Patch border: 2.0-3.0mm

*Sew line & border can be omitted by request

**Sewing channel thickness is a standard based off of thickness of common threads used to attach patches to garments


The pricing chart reflects up to 5 colors in the overall patch design. If more colors are needed the price change will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a quote at MTMountainPatches@gmail.com.

*For precision color matching, please find the correct Pantone color matching your logo and refer to us the number

**Color matching on our end can be done but is not guaranteed to be precise due to common color variation

Backing Options


Our Process

Aluminum/Steel Mold

The process begins in our Montana-based shop with a open metal mold made through reductive machining on a CNC mill. Your specific logo is modeled into a Computer-Aided-Machining program and then converted into G-Code for the CNC to read and create the mold.

Color Matching/Manufacturing

Each color for the patch has to be created by combining our U.S.A. made raw PVC material with the color pigments which are also domestically produced. Often, based color pigments have to be combined in specific ratios to match Pantone specifications.

CNC Dispensing

Each color is loaded into our CNC machine that is specifically designed to dispense the PVC material into the metal mold which is secured into the base of the machine. The material is precisely dispensed according to a program that is made for each individual mold produced.


To create the distinct and precise separation of colors that PVC patches boast, each layer of the patches that has different colors has to be cured individually. To do this, the CNC dispenser will create the first layer, then the mold is removed from the machine and baked at a specific temperature and time until the material is fully cured. The mold is placed backed into the CNC dispenser machine and the process is repeated on the entire patch has been both dispensed and cured.

Finishing & Shipping

Once the patches are completed, they are removed from the mold and checked for defects. All patches passed through Quality Control get their specified backing placed on (hook & loop or heat activated adhesive) and then get packed up and shipped out domestically from our shop in Montana.


  • Q: What are PVC patches?

A: PVC patches are a form of custom patches that have a soft rubbery feel, are flexible and durable, and are made in full color to resemble any logo or picture.

  • Q: What are the leads times to getting custom PVC parches made?

A: Standard lead time is 2 weeks

PVC Patch Making Process Example